Should I Buy a Knotty Alder Door for My Home?

Have you recently asked yourself this question: should I buy a knotty alder door for my home? We hope you’ll find the following information helpful. A knotty alder door is an outstanding addition to almost any home. This blog post will explain the benefits of buying a knotty alder door.

If you’ve got a western-style, rustic or Mediterranean style home, then a knotty alder door can greatly compliment your home décor.

Have you recently asked yourself this question: should I buy a knotty alder door for my home? We hope you’ll find the following information helpful. A knotty alder door is an outstanding addition to almost any home. This blog post will explain the benefits of buying a knotty alder door.

One of the many benefits of this type of wooden door for your home is that its construction is solid and sturdy as opposed to standard hollow doors.

Another benefit is its beauty. Knotty alder doors come in many patterns that are Mother Nature’s work. The knots are a natural feature of these style of doors and usually, the main reason so many people find them to be a stunning addition to their homes. If you desire to incorporate a natural wood type of look into your home décor, consider one of these types of doors.

The versatility of its beauty is another benefit for buying knotty alder doors. You can buy one in “raw” form, in which you then stain it yourself from many different stunning shades of stains on the market. Or you can simply coat your knotty alder door in a wood lacquer.

Another great benefit is that solid knotty doors add great value to your home. The beautiful custom home look not only increases current value but is fantastic for resale purposes.

Front entry doors with glass accents create a “WOW!” factor for any home – and they are reasonably priced.

Here at Cedar Supply Lumber Company, we have many knotty alder doors to choose from. Stop by our showroom to see these beautiful doors up close. Photos do not truly convey their beauty.

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Installing 2x4x8 Rails to a Cedar Privacy Fence

After installing your 4 x 4 cedar post you will need to make sure all of your posts are at a certain height at approximately 6 feet.

Next, it’s time to measure where you will be installing your rails. We recommend three rails for a six foot privacy fence. This helps to prevent warping in the future.

The top rail will be at the top of thee post. The middle rail will be at the mid-point of the post and the bottom rail will be 4 inches off the ground.

Once you determine how many inches down from the top of the post that the rails will go, mark each post.

You’re now ready to install your rails. You will need someone at the other end of the rail to hold it in place while you either screw or nail your rails securely to the post.

How to Set a Wooden Post for Cedar Privacy Fencing

Have you researching how to set a wooden post for Cedar privacy fencing? There are several schools of thought when it comes to setting wood posts for Cedar privacy fencing.

First of all, you need to dig a hole a minimum of two feet deep and eight inches in diameter.

One school of thought is to place the post down into the hole and use the existing dirt from the hole to compact the dirt equally around the post.

The second school of thought and what we, here at Cedar Supply recommend, is to concrete the post. Compacting dirt leads to future problems – especially with high winds. A six-foot fence will act as a sail and will cause a section of the fence to tilt. You will constantly be trying to upright these sections.

Concrete secures the post in position and maintenance to keep the fence line straight should be non-existent.

A Tip About Using Concrete to Set a Wooden Post for Cedar Privacy Fencing

We prefer mixing your concrete in a wheel barrel as opposed to just dumping a dry mix concrete in the hole and adding water.

By mixing concrete in a wheel barrel, you can control the consistency of the product and water to come up with a good mixture that is not too soupy and a thick batch that you can easily apply down into the hole. It should be thick enough that you do not need to brace the post in place.

Remember to mound the concrete at the top of the hole up against the post, so that when it rains, the water will exit away from the post and prevent water from getting down between the concrete and post, which can cause rotting over time.

If you’ve got any questions regarding this or any other fencing, decking, pergolas, pole barn materials, or any other building materials, both interior and exterior: contact us at Cedar Supply. We’d love to help you.



How to Choose Composite Decking in Colorado

Building or replacing a new deck and choosing the right product can be both confusing and challenging.

There’s so much to consider such as wood decking which includes redwood, cedar or treated lumber.

When it comes to maintenance free decking, the selection is quite large considering the number of manufacturers out there.

Here at Cedar Supply Lumber Company, we felt that it was important to write a blog post about how to choose composite decking in Colorado that will hopefully help you in your decision.

Composite decking is actually maintenance free

There’s very little maintenance to keep your deck looking like the day it was installed. Here at Cedar Supply, we sell a deck cleaner that removes most stains and restores the original color.

Composite Decking is very durable

Unlike wood decking, composite decking doesn’t splinter, peel or rot and will last almost a lifetime from a buyers purchase.

Composite Decking Comes in a Variety of Colors

How to choose composite decking in Colorado offers an expanded color selection that offers wood tones, earth tones and dark accentuating colors. Visit our show room and we’ll educate you on the different types of composite decking we sell.

Composite Decking offers a Hidden Fasten System

Although you can use a hidden fastening system on wood decking, it’s very rare. Most of the composite decking installed today utilizes a hidden fastener that eliminates unsightly screws and gives the deck a cleaner look. Ask us about our hidden fasteners and how they are installed.

Choosing composite decking in Colorado doesn’t need to be confusing or difficult. There are several well informed decking dealers out there that can educate you on what product to buy and why.

Stop by Cedar Supply today and let one of our knowledgeable sales staff help you choose one of our several types of composite decking we currently stock. If you would like, take home one of our FREE samples to show your spouse. Then you can see how different each one looks in the sunlight and shade; and how well it will match the color of your house.