Mangaris, Tigerwood, Brazilian Redwood and Ipe’

Did you know that Cedar Supply is the largest stocking dealer of exotic hardwood decking in Fort Collins? Yes, we stock over 20,000 feet of some of the most beautiful woods used today.

In the last several years, customers who want the beauty of common wood decking, but also want the benefits of composite decking have made the switch to Mangaris, Tigerwood, Brazilian Redwood and Ipe’, these are virtually maintenance free materials.

Our exotic hardwoods provide less shrinkage, splitting, and warping than cedar and redwood decking. They’re also five times as strong. And with the concern of deforestation, these three species are carefully managed and harvested for long-term sustainability, which makes this product an environmentally-friendly choice.

Listed below are descriptions of the four most popular types of exotic hardwood decking: Mangaris, Tigerwood, Brazilian Redwood and Ipe’. We encourage you to stop by Cedar Supply of Fort Collins, CO today and see the beauty of these four durable types of decking, as well as the benefits of these over common wood decking.

Mangaris Decking (Red Balau)

Easy to work with, decay resistant and superior stability make Mangaris the clear choice in hardwood decking. It’s unique grain along with a beautiful red hue color add beauty to any deck. Mangaris is knot-free and kiln dried to be put down in any extreme outdoor climate. You’ll be surprised to see how affordable it is!

5/4 x 6 Random Lengths, Kiln Dried


Looking for a unique finish in a natural wood deck? Tigerwood stands out for resistance to checking, its smooth finish, and the black stripes which give it its common name. This highly versatile, beautiful hardwood is often used in pool cues, pistol handles, archery bows, and fine furniture, making it an elegant choice for your deck. Naturally decay-resistant, with a dense, tight grain, making this decking material extremely durable.

5/4 x 6 Random Lengths, Kiln Dried

Brazilian Redwood

Do you want the beauty of real wood decking with many of the benefits of maintenance-free decking? We stock just the products you’re looking for! Brazilian Redwood decking is a knot-free product, drenched in a red hue that is eight times the strength of redwood decking.  And the good news, it’s competitive in pricing with composite decking.

Brazilian Redwood
5/4 x 6  Random Lengths, Kiln Dried

Ipe’ Decking

Some customers want real wood when constructing a new deck. They want something different, something unique. It needs to be long-lasting, affordable, structurally-sound, and high quality. Cedar Supply has just the product: Ipe’. This beautiful, smooth decking lumber, with it’s dark brown and tan tones, has a strength of eight times that of cedar or redwood decking. And the good news; this gorgeous, virtually “knot-free” product is sold at Cedar Supply at a price you can afford!

3/4 x 6 and 5/4 x 6 Random Lengths
Balusters, Handrails & Post