Decking FAQs

Can you compete in price against the Big Box Stores?

Absolutely. We buy all of our decking by the truck load which keeps our pricing low which in turn keeps us extremely price competitive.

What are the advantages of a wood deck and a composite deck?

Probably the biggest reason a customer will buy a wood deck is cost and how long they plan on being in their house. Wood decking is approximately a third cheaper than composite decking. Also if the home owner only plans to stay in their house two to three years, it makes sense to go with wood. The advantage of composite is that it’s maintenance free. No staining required, which can add to the cost of a wood deck over time.

Isn’t Trex Decking the best composite decking?

Trex decking was one of the first composite decking to come into the market place. They did an awesome job of branding their name so that’s what people think first when buying a new deck.

Trex is still a good composite decking, but there are now other brands that are just as good if not better. We sell four brands of composite decking here at Cedar Supply. Stop by and see our display and choose the right composite decking for you.

Do you provide deck material estimates?

Yes! Once you have chosen the right deck material for you, we can take your deck measurements and work up a price quote on the exact materials you will need. All of our salespersons are highly experienced in building simple as well as custom decks. We make it easy for you!

I received a quote from a big box store and they’re $300 cheaper.

As mentioned above, all of our sales staff is highly knowledgeable when it comes to estimating the material you will need to build your deck. The main reason they’re cheaper is that they leave out numerous items necessary to complete your project. Do they do this on purpose? Probably not. We think it has to do with their experience in building decks. We know decks! If you get a lower price we welcome you to have us look their bid over and compare apples to apples. We’ll even do this at no charge.

Do you install decks?

No, but we have a list of honest, dependable and professional deck companies that you can contact.

Do you have a large selection of deck materials in stock?

At any given time we have over 100,000 feet of decking in stock. We offer four major brands in twelve different colors in order to meet your budget.

We also have indoor and outdoor displays to help make your decision easier.  Need to take home some samples to show your spouse or see how the colors will work with the color of your house? We have plenty to choose from.

Do you sell hand railings for decks?

Yes we do! Hand railing selection is just as important as the deck materials itself. We offer many styles in different colors to add a beautiful accent to any deck you choose. Stop by and look at our indoor and outdoor displays.

What do you recommend for the understructure of decks?

We highly recommend treated lumber. Why? Because this type of lumber prevents rotting especially on the upper ledge where the top decking is fastened down to. The majority of decks that we see that need replacing is mainly the understructure where untreated lumber was used. We sell an excellent grade of treated southern yellow pine specifically for understructures.

Do you deliver?

Absolutely! We deliver all over Colorado, Wyoming and into Nebraska. We do charge a delivery fee which is based on time and distance. To get a delivery fee quote, call us at (970)663-2828 and we will be happy to give you a quote.