Cedar Shingles and Cedar Shakes

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Cedar Supply is one of the premier distributors of western red cedar shingles and cedar shakes in Fort Collins for distinctive, residential homes and upscale commercial projects.

Listed below is just a brief description of the two products. Stop in today and let us show you the real benefits of western red cedar shingles and cedar shakes by Cedar Supply of fort Collins.

Cedar Shake Siding
Cedar Shingles

Cedar shingles have been used for years as a vertical siding option on homes primarily for gables and dormers. This beautiful, natural grain western red cedar color tremendously enhances the look of any type of home or commercial project. Shingles are either sold in bundles with individual pieces being approximately 16″ in length and covers 25 square feet, or are sold in 8 foot panels that are extremely popular with contractors because they install up to 10 times faster than individual shingles.

 Maintain Wood
Cedar Shakes

Old western traditional wood roofing is still alive and available at Cedar Supply.Resawnon one side, split on the other gives this roofing product a unique yet rustic appearance. Our western red cedar shakes are offered in a # 1 grade “select” 1/2″x24″ and can be purchased by the bundle or square. Bundles cover 20 square feet and squares cover 100 square feet. Other grades are available on request.

Hip and Ridge
To finish off your shake or shingle project, we offer bundles of Hip and Ridge. All shakes, shingles, and hip and ridge products are in stock for your convenience.