Should I Buy a Knotty Alder Door for My Home?

Should I Buy a Knotty Alder Door for My Home?

Have you recently asked yourself this question: should I buy a knotty alder door for my home? We hope you’ll find the following information helpful. A knotty alder door is an outstanding addition to almost any home. This blog post will explain the benefits of buying a knotty alder door. If you’ve got a western-style, […]

Installing 2x4x8 Rails to a Cedar Privacy Fence

After installing your 4 x 4 cedar post you will need to make sure all of your posts are at a certain height at approximately 6 feet. Next, it’s time to measure where you will be installing your rails. We recommend three rails for a six foot privacy fence. This helps to prevent warping in […]

How to Set a Wooden Post for Cedar Privacy Fencing

Have you researching how to set a wooden post for Cedar privacy fencing? There are several schools of thought when it comes to setting wood posts for Cedar privacy fencing. First of all, you need to dig a hole a minimum of two feet deep and eight inches in diameter. One school of thought is […]